Mercedes 300SL - Luanda

O preparador português "Mestre" Jaime Rodrigues alinha o Mercedes 300SL de José Manuel Simões em Luanda.

Foto: Mário Rodrigues (filho de Jaime Rodrigues) via:
No link acima, bela reportagem com toda a história do conhecido preparador.


The Mercedes Benz 300SL was one of the first road-going cars to be fitted with a high-performance chassis.

Two chassis designed on general space frame principles appeared in 1952 - the Lotus Mark Six and the Mercedes Benz 300SL.

The development of chassis having adequate torsional stiffness is a fairly recent one. Sports cars of an earlier era made up for this deficiency using extremely stiff suspension; many, in fact, gave the impression that there were no suspension springs in their make-up.

 The early sports car chassis was constructed on massive lines, and its design owed more to bridge-building than to light engineering. Even today (1961) the chassis of many production sports cars are stiff only in bending.

"Racing and Sports Car - Chassis Design - Michael Costin and David Phipps - 1961"



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