Porsche 911 no Kenya e Uganda

Tim Barker do Reino Unido fez contato procurando alguma informação sobre este Porsche.
Se você sabe algo sobre este carro que correu no Kenya e Uganda, envie um e-mail para: motorsportinangola@gmail.com

"The reason for my email is to see if anyone can help me in my research for the restoration of a 1968 Porsche 911 that I own that was delivered new from the Porsche factory in Germany in mid 1968 to the East African Porsche Agent Gordon C.R. Crow of Nairobi Kenya and subsequently supplied to its first owner a Peter George Sargentson in Kenya.
The car was originally tangerine and right hand drive and spent its early years in Kenya before being taken to Uganda in the early 1970's by its then owner a Robbie Taylor who worked for Cooper Motors; the car was specified for circuit/sprint/hillclimb/clubman racing rather than rallying.
I have failed to come up with anything so far on the Porsche agent Gordon C.R. Crow or the first owner Peter Sargentson; there would not have been many 911's in Africa at this time so I am hoping that someone might be able to help with regard to the specific car or more general information on the Porsche agent of the time."

Any clue, send us an e-mail: motorsportinangola@gmail.com


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