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Motorsport in Rhodesia

Salisbury Rhodesia April 15, 1956. Tony Fergusson is Cooper number 26, next to John Love in 24. Number 22 is Peter Davies from Kenya, 20 is Les Mitchell and 27 is Norman Lunderstedt in the Lundy Special (a 998 cc car). Photo of Rob Young via http://www.500race.org/Men/Fergusson.htm


Possibly the ex Bill Jennings Riley Special

Stanley Reed

Possibly the Consul Special also called the Rhodes Special - A well built and prepared car with a Consul MK1 or 2 engine and VW front end. Painted dark green. Painted dark green

Jaguar (John Love ?) and Cooper

MG (Hogg) - Coronation Park Race Track

E.R.A. (Peter Wood with Brown in Driver´s Seat)

Jill Amm-Annesly


Car No. 7



Cannaught - Belvedere Race Track

Bikes and Cars

Number 6

Number 21 leading parade

Race in Umtali

Cooper T51

Two Old Cars
Cooper / Cooper

M Witham
Cooper (M. Witham)

John Love driving the Duly and co. Gold Anglia.
John Love driving the Duly and co. Gold Anglia
More about John Love

Sandy McDonald, Ken Fubbs, Roddy McDonald, Colin Lister, Ken Robas and Arthur Johnston
Sandy McDonald, Ken Fubbs, Roddy McDonald, Colin Lister, Ken Robas and Arthur Johnston

Marlborough Race Track

Rhodesia 100
Rhodesia 100 - Belvedere Circuit - 1959

Porshe Spyder 550
Porsche Spyder 550

Pat Rutledge, Dorothy Pickard and Peter West
Pat Rutledge, Dorothy Pickard and Peter West

M. Witham
Cooper (M. Witham)

Mike Hutchons
Mike Hutchons

J. DeVilliers
Cooper (J. DeVilliers)

Peter Wood - Jaguar
Jaguar (Peter Wood)

Chris Annesley
Chris Annesley

Healy in Hill Climb
Austin Healey in Hill Climb

De Jouvancourt
De Jouvancourt

Ford Anglia

Johnny Love and Ads
Johnny Love and Ads

Eric Glasby Kumalo
Cooper (Eric Glasby) - Kumalo Race Track

John Love Porsche
Porsche 550 (John Love)

Ray Reed Kumalo
Cooper (Ray Reed) - Kumalo Race Track

Gary Hocking Lotus Rhodesian GP
Lotus (Gary Hocking) - Rhodesian GP

List of Competitors

Source: Mrs. Morag McDonald Tritt via http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1016923565010215637qGEYaJoeTB
and http://www.classiccarsinrhodesia.co.za/.
Thanks, mrs. Morag ! Thanks, Wayne !


Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Belvedere - Beppo Castillani,Ferreira, Stander, Robas, Snyman, Em
MG 1250cc Special (Frank Brodie) - 1955

Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Belvedere - Des Wolff, Ken Robas, Gary Hocking, Johnny Redman 05-
Jaguar D-Type (Malcolm Gardner) - 1957

Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Belvedere - Robas Castellani Ferreira Stander Towell Lock Robinso
Jimmy De Villiers - 1955

Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Belvedere - Snyman Fubbs T&B Robinson Van Rooyen Emms Wolff 26-05
MG Special (Frank Brodie) - 1955

Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Coro Park - Lunderstedt Snyman  13-10-1956
Lunder Special - 1000 cc Vincent twin engine - (Norman Lunderstedt)- 1956

Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Coro Park - Snyman Robas Robinson Platt Ferreira 20-03-1955
Snyman - 1955

Rhodesian Motorcycle History - Heany - Hocking Castellani Wolff Stander Sada Time Scheepers Hock

Rhodesian Motorcycle History Castellani Lunderstedt Platt 28-06-1955
Norman Lunderstedt  #117 (top left) - 1955

Rhodesian Motorcycle History ##### Gibson 04-04-1957
Connaught 1960cc (Dick Gibson) - 1959

Rhodesian Motorcycle History P Snyman, K Robas, Des Wolff, Hocking, Robinson, Redman & Henderson
Cooper (John Love)

Rhodesian Motorcycle History Raymond Thackwell, Ronnie Moore, Lord Mike Louth, R Gibson at Belve
Cooper Climax ? - (Raymond Thackwell) - 1957

Rhodesian Motorcycle History van Leeuwen Scheepers Hocking Snyman Elliot 15-10-1956
F. Appel (Ford/Zephyr) - Coro Park - 1956

Rhodesian Motorcycle History W van Rooyen, J Redman 15-04-1957 02

Rhodesian Motoring History  De Villiers 01-10-1957
Jaguar D-Type (Jimmy De Villiers)

Rhodesian Motoring History - Marlborough - Peter West Beats De Villiers 29-10-1957

Rhodesian Motoring History - Marlborough - Tom Peatling, Mike Stafford 24-09-1957
Cooper Climax #6 (Tom Peatling) - 1957

Rhodesian Motoring History Clive Reevees & Riley Special 06-06-1954
 Rilley Special  (Clive Beeves - centre) - 1948

Rhodesian Motoring History De Villiers in his ERA 28-04-1957
E.R.A. (De Villiers) - 1957

Rhodesian Motoring History ERA Races - Salisbury 28-10-1956

Rhodesian Motoring History FC Coles 10-05-1955
F. C. Coles

Rhodesian Motoring History Frank Brodie 01-06-1954

Rhodesian Motoring History Jack Ogston 06-11-1957
Cooper 500cc (Jack Ogston)

Rhodesian Motoring History Jack Ogston 25-07-1957

Rhodesian Motoring History Sam Tingle's ERA 21-08-1957
Sam Tingle´s E.R.A.

Sam Tingle, whose recently purchased supercharged 2 litre E.R.A., arrived at Hartley on Saturday, invited Jimmy de Villiers and his mechanics to come along and give him some "gen" on the car.
De Villiers, who races a similar car, is seen above (centre) examining this ex-Prince Birk job, well known to racing enthusiast in Europe as "Hanumin". The party (from left to right) are Rusty Weat, Sam Tingle, De Villiers, Arthur Brook and Piet Blignaut.
"This car is in better conditions than mine," observed De Villiers. And no wonder, for it was completely reconditioned before it left England.
Tingle, one of the most experienced drivers in Southern Africa and founder of S.A. Sports Car Club in Johannesburg, is expected to be a big threat to De Villiers at the Mashonaland "100" at Belvedere on September 1, and the public can look forward to a battle between the two E.R.A.s.
But dark horse of the meeting is Watson, with his D Type Jaguar, which is capable of making both E.R.A.s look slow by comparison with its terrific acceleration, speed and delightful handling and roadholding capabilities.
August 21, 1957

Rhodesian Motoring History LM Races 25-07-1957

Rhodesian Motoring History Midget Cars, B Robinson 07-03-1960
Midgets in Rhodesia

Rhodesian Motoring History Salisbury Drivers, De Villiers, Macpherson & Belton 24-12-

Scanned Newspaper Clippings Rhodesian Car Racing kindly released by Stew Robinson (Stew256) via http://rides.webshots.com/album/558722971rAEwBI?start=108
Thanks, Stew ! 


Rhodesia Tracks

Salisbury (Harare)
Salisbury (Harare)
Salisbury (Harare)
Salisbury (Harere)
Salisbury (Harare)
Salisbury (Harare)
Salisbury (Harare)


Falls Road Circuit - Bulawayo - 2010 View 

Donnybrook Race Track (2.75 km) - Harare (former Salisbury) - 2010 View


Race Track maps provided by Silhouette Racing


Some races that took place in Rhodesia:

Rhodesian GP (30 July 1961)
Rhodesian GP (2 Dec. 1962)
Mashonaland 100 (4 May 1964)
Marlborough Races (14 June 1964)
Bulawayo 100 (23 May 1965)
Bulawayo 100 (5 July 1967)
Bulawayo 100 (11 May 1969)
Rhodesian GP (10 Sept. 1972)
Bulawayo 100 (10 JUNE 1973)
Rhodesian GP (23 Sept. 1973)
Bulawayo 100 (30 June 1974)
Rhodesian GP (15 Sept. 1974)

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